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After signing in to your website, you will be redirected to your personalized dashboard. There are two views that you will see depending on your situation:

Single Website Dashboard

If you own a single Sites@Rutgers website, you’ll be taken to the WordPress Dashboard where you can access all your content and administrative controls (depending on what level of access you have, some options may not be shown to you).

Front page of Sites@Rutgers wordpress dashboard

On the Homepage of the Dashboard will be different modules, including:

  • User Management – Modify a user’s role, or remove a user from your site.
  • Add a New User – Add new users to your site and assign them a role.
  • Sites@Rutgers Support – A collection of helpful links to help you manage your website.
  • At a Glance – A by-the-numbers overview of the content on your site.
  • Activity – A record of recent activity on your site from both you and your users.
  • Quick Draft – Create a post with a title and some content to be automatically saved as a draft.

On the left side of the Dashboard will be the following items:

  • Posts – Manage all your website’s blog/news posts
  • Events – Events to be displayed on the calendar and corresponding events widgets.
  • People – Manage all your website’s People entries
  • Media – View all images, documents, and files uploaded to your Sites@Rutgers site.
  • Pages – Manage all your website’s pages.
  • Appearance – Customize the appearance of your site.

Owners of Multiple Sites@Rutgers Websites

For those who own multiple Sites@Rutgers websites or have been added to multiple Sites@Rutgers websites as a team member, editor, or writer, you will be redirected to a site picker where you can then select which site to manage.

You can also select a Primary Site from the drop-down list. Unless you navigate to another site’s Dashboard, your Primary Site will display in the Admin Bar, and the Dashboard sidebar will link to its content by default.

my sites hub page of sites@rutgers dashboard

Selecting Dashboard under any of the website names will take you to that particular website’s Dashboard. Selecting Visit will simply take you to the home page of that website. Because you are now logged in, clicking Visit will also show you your Admin Bar on the top of the screen.


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