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While your site’s Contact Page is managed in a similar way to its other interior pages, there are a few key differences to keep in mind.

Contact page as viewed from the Dashboard

The primary element that sets the contact page apart from other pages on your site is the contact form, through which visitors can submit messages.

Sample contact page

The content you add using the page’s WYSIWYG editor is completely separate from this contact form, and will automatically display to the left (or above, depending on your device) of the form.

This display is part of the Contact Page Template, a unique page layout that is assigned to your site’s contact page by default.

Contact Page template selected in Page Attributes module

This template and others can be selected using the Page Attributes module when editing or creating any page.

You can add a contact form to any other page on your site as well by selecting the Contact Page Template in this menu.

If you wish to remove the contact form from your contact page, simply select the “Default Template” or “No Sidebar” option.

Please note that users will be unable to submit messages through the contact form if it is removed from the page.

Contact Form

The contact form itself consists of three fields for the submitter to fill out: Name, Email, and Message. These fields cannot be edited.

Contact form

Messages submitted through this form will be sent to your site’s contact email address. Once you’ve received a message, you can reply to the sender privately via email.

Visitors will also receive a receipt at the email address that they input under “Email” with a copy of their message to confirm that it has been sent.

Contact Email Address

Your contact email address is configured in the Contact Information section of your site’s Customizer. All messages submitted through the contact form will be sent to this address.

The email currently set as your contact address is displayed in the notice at the top of the contact page editor.

Contact page notice displaying an unconfigured contact email address

Your site’s contact email address will also be displayed in the footer of every page unless no email address has been configured.

Contact email displayed in site footer

Keep in mind that if the contact email address is left blank, you will be unable to receive any messages sent through the contact form.

Be sure to change your site’s contact email address from the placeholder ( before launch in order to receive messages through the contact form.