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You can change the order in which People are displayed on a page by using the People Reorder page.

people reorder selected in sidebar menu

First, select the page you’d like to reorder. You can edit the order of the All People page, or of any individual People Type’s page. The All People page is selected by default.

selecting which people page to reorder, all people selected by default

selecting people type page to reorder

Manual Reorder

Once you’ve selected a page, use the manual reorder module to make changes to its list of People. You can reorder this list by dragging and dropping each Person to your desired spot.

reorder people module

multiple persons selected in the reorder module

The manual reorder module displays in list view by default, but there are other views available as well. 

You can switch to grid view (or back to list view) using the icons at the top left. This view displays each Person’s associated image more prominently.

list and grid view icons in the manual reorder module
Grid and list view icons
grid view of manual reorder module
Grid view

You can also display each Person’s featured image alongside their name in list view by clicking the “Toggle Thumbnails” button.

toggle thumbnails button

reorder list view with thumbnails toggled
List view with thumbnails toggled

To make any Person “sticky” by assigning them a specific number on the list, select the pushpin icon after their name.

Pushpin icon

An input field will appear next to the Person’s name. Type in the number you’d like to assign, and that Person will always display in that position on the page.

entering a number into the input field

You can also select the pencil icon next to a Person’s name as a shortcut to their Edit Person page. Keep in mind that this will navigate you away from the People Reorder page.

Pencil icon

To search for a specific Person in the manual reorder module, you can use the search bar at the upper right.

searching for a Person in the manual reorder module

If you’d like to reset your unsaved changes back to their original order, select the “Reset Order” button.

reset order button

To save your changes, select the “Update” button at the top or bottom of the reorder module. Once you’ve saved your changes, the page you’ve edited will immediately update.

update button