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Sites@Rutgers offers two preset locations for global navigation menus: the primary navigation bar, and the preheader bar.

primary navigation bar
Primary navigation bar
Sites preheader bar
Preheader bar

You can easily display a menu in these two locations through either the Menus page or through the Customizer.

Please note that dropdown functionality is not compatible with the preheader bar, as it can only display first-level menu items.

Assigning Locations Through The Menus Page

To do this through the Menus page, select the “Manage Locations” tab and select your desired menu for each location via the dropdowns.

"manage locations" tab of the menus page

You can also assign a specific menu to a location by selecting it and checking the boxes under Menu Settings.

assigning a location to a specific menu

Assigning Locations Through The Customizer

To do this through the Customizer, select “View All Locations” at the bottom of the Menus page, and select the menus you’d like to display via the dropdowns.

"view all locations" in site customizer

"view all locations" in menu customizer

You can also assign a menu to any location by selecting it in the customizer.

assigning a specific menu to a location in the customizer