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Mini posters of books that students recently read

Welcome to the new academic year, whether you are back or here for the first time. Books We Read staff will continue what we do the best: Recommend books to read for fun from the collections of Rutgers University Libraries, print and online, as requested by students. If you become more comfortable using our resources and services as collateral benefit, you are welcome! We are a group of librarians and graduate students committed to promoting reading, regardless of genre, length, language, or topic. As such, we actively vote for diversity and inclusion at Rutgers.

Earlier this year we said goodbye to founding member Nick Allred, then finished Summer Tales 2022, and now we are going on strong with Staff Picks, Recreational Reading, and Stressbusters. Scroll down to the bottom for more themes, browse the posts by date in the right panel, or check out our fun galleries.

If you need eBooks, audiobooks, streaming video, newspapers, or archival materials and you are still doing a lot of remote work and study, our Resources page is a concise version of the many Research Guides RUL offers.

We also have fun reading guides too:

  • Bibliotherapy: An introduction to guided reading
  • Books We Read: The original list, mostly print books. Categories include classics, short stories, sci-fi/fantasy, suspense, memoir, science, non-fiction, and ESL.
  • Books We Read online: e-books. Categories include classics, non-fiction, popular, graphic novels, streaming, and movie-to-book.
  • Books We Read: Poetry: A selection of resources and why read poetry.
  • Reading for Recovery: Special resources for special audiences, i.e., for people grappling with addiction, and their families and friends wishing to help.
  • Summer Tales Book Club 2020, 2021, and 2022: Short stories and poems with questions and talking points used in the Summer Sessions.

These are just a few ideas on how to find your next book and have it delivered to the library of your choice with RUL pickup.

All our posts are chock full of links to great titles! Read one and you will find new books to explore. Recently we also asked around to find out about reading habits. The posts below present reading preferences from many perspectives.

  1. Books = Comfort, by Stephanie Bartz, Government Resources and Information Services Librarian, Alexander Library (6/02/2022)
  2. Sense-Making, by Sherri Farber, Information Literacy Instruction Librarian, Alexander Library, author of the Summer Session Research Guide (6/09/2022)
  3. Lots of Laughs, by Rose Barbalace, Library Supervisor II and Student Coordinator for the NBL work/study students, Alexander Library (6/16/2022)
  4. Points of View, by Kate Greenberg, SC&I Graduate Assistant, Chang Science Library and Library of Science and Medicine (6/23/2022)
  5. New Worlds, by Jamey Silverstein, Collection Manager of RecRead, Carr Library and Annex (6/30/2022)
  6. The Eclectic Reader, by Jill Morrow, Administrative Assistant, Carr Library (7/7/2022)
  7. Reading as a Job, by Nick Allred, Graduate Specialist, Chang Library (7/14/2022)
  8. Discovering New Things, by Becky Diamond, Business Librarian, Carr Library (7/21/2022)
  9. Immersion, by Lindsey Jones, Music Graduate Assistant, Douglass Library (7/28/2022)
  10. De-Stressing, by Harmony Birch, SC&I Graduate Assistant, Alexander Library (8/4/2022)
  11. Learning Constantly, by Meredith Parker, Science Reference and Instruction Librarian, Library of Science and Medicine (8/11/2022)
  12. Perspectives, by Judit H. Ward, Science Reference and Instruction Librarian, Chang Library (8/18/2022)

Happy reading!

Where it started: Chang Library on the Cook Campus