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Fall 2021 News


Dorothy Ahn gave a plenary talk at SinFonIJA 14

Warm welcome to our new grad students!

Carly Dickerson joins us as a post-doctoral associate

Spring 2021 News

Dorothy Ahn gave a talk at ESSLLI2021

Yu Cao passed his dissertation defense

Adam McCollum presented at Leipzig University

Mariapaola D’Império interviewed on Vox

Rutgers linguists at PaPE2021

Meg Gotowski recognized by LSA

Kristen Syrett and Jessica Rett on American Refugee podcast #15

Meg Gotowski talks with 8th grade students

Lydia Newkirk to give a talk at The University of Manchester

Kristen Syrett interviewed by Mic

Tatevik Yolyan and Adam McCollum at 28th mfm

Adam McCollum published in Laboratory Phonology

Ziling Zhu and Kristen Syrett at DUCOG

Robert Esposito receives the Henry Rutgers Scholar Award

Sreekar Raghotham and Troy Messick at CLS – 57

Hazel Mitchley at Manchester Forum in Linguistics

Shiori Ikawa awarded the Mellon Dissertation completion fellowship

Mariapaola D’Imperio elected as board member of ISCA

Rutgers at SALT 2021

UnderLings : Research by Honors thesis students.

Kristen Syrett at the kick-off event for Rutgers Language and Social Justice initiative.

Chris Oakden defends his dissertation successfully

Mariapaola invited for talks at NYU, UPenn and Cornell

Kristen Syrett published in Frontiers in Psychology.

Kristen Syrett invited for workshop Children Learning Adjectives

Graduate students at ACAL-52

Rutgers at (F)ASAL-11

Kristen Syrett published and also received an NSF grant

Yair Haendler joins Rutgers Linguistics

Adam Jardine at Princeton Phonology Forum

Dorothy Ahn at University of Toronto

Yimei Xiang in Natural Language Semantics

Mariapaola D’Imperio in First Language

Mark Baker in a “Linguistic flash-mob”

Adam McCollum at Keio x ICU Colloquia

Rutgers @ LSA Annual Meet 2021

Mark Baker elected LSA Fellow

Adam McCollum at Keio and International Christian Universities

Fall 2020 News

Meg Gotowski Invited to Speak at UNC

Rutgers in NLLT

Augustina Owusu Passed Her Dissertation Defense

Augustina Owusu Invited to Give Colloq Talk at BU

Prof. D’Imperio Published in “The Oxford Handbook of Language Prosody” and “Lab Phonology”

Rutgers at AMP 2020

Rutgers at CALL

Happy Halloween!

Livia Camargo Souza Successfully Defended Her Dissertation

Prof. D’Imperio Receives NSF Grant for AI Facial Analytics in Language

Kristen Syrett Published in “Language Acquisition”

Rutgers in “Phonology”

Alumna Diti Bhadra Published in Journal of Semantics

Meet Our New Grad Students!

Dorothy Ahn Joins Rutgers Linguistics!

Spring 2020 News

Prof. Syrett Interviewed by NPR and Yahoo! Life

Morgan Moyer to do Postdocs at Stanford and CNRS Paris

Deepak Alok Successfully Defended His Dissertation

Prof. D’Imperio Appointed International Chair for LabEx EFL

Daniel Altshuler Starts New Position as Associate Professor at Jesus College

Deepak Alok’s Paper Accepted in “Syntax”!

Morgan Moyer and Prof. Kristen Syrett Published in WIREs Cog Sci

Congratulations to Dr. Vera Gor!

Simon Charlow Awarded Fellowship for Research Excellence

Pets of the Department: Quarantine Edition

Prof. D’Imperio’s Advisee Successfully Defends Dissertation

Meet Our Fourth Years!

Yimei Xiang Published in Linguistics and Philosophy

Mariapaola D’Imperio Invited to Speak at TAI

Yimei Xiang Published in Journal of Semantics

Rutgers at ADPW3

Rutgers Open House!

Mariapaola D’Imperio Invited to Give Two Talks in April

Rutgers at ConSoLE 28

Chris Oakden’s Article Accepted to Phonology

Rutgers at WCCFL 2020

Nick Danis’ Article Published in Phonology

Fall 2019 News

Deepak Alok Awarded Dissertation Grant

Linguistic Fieldwork at Rutgers – Eileen Blum (Vol. II)

Linguistic Fieldwork at Rutgers – Adam McCollum (Vol. I)

Rutgers at NECPhon 2019

Akinbiyi Akinlabi Gave Invited Talk at Leiden University

Kristen Syrett Featured in “In Plain Language” Podcast

Mariapaola D’Imperio Invited to Speak at UMass and TAL

Meg and Kristen at BUCLD!

Chris Oakden Representing Rutgers at NELS!

Our Linguists at the Rutgers Indigenous Languages Colloquium

Happy Halloween!!

Rutgers Linguists at the Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference!

Meg Gotowski’s Article Published in Linguistica Atlantica

Livia Souza to Speak at NYU Fieldwork Group

Meet the Pets of the Department

Jess Law now an Assistant Professor at UCSC

Congrats to Dr. Jess Law, Dr. Ümit Atlamaz, and Dr. Yağmur Sağ!

Fall 2019 Colloquium Series

Diti Bhadra Receives Tenure-Track Position at UMN

Natasha Chemey to Present at AALC

Rutgers at AMP 2019!

Hello to Our New Faculty Members!

Meet Our New Grad Students!